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What if they held a class war and nobody noticed? For decades, liberals and progressives have been bashed for conducting a "class war" every time they suggest that it would be appropriate for the extremely wealthy to shoulder a bit more of the burden of paying for government. Meanwhile, a swarm of far-right think-tanks and political action committees have been working tirelessly to promote the idea that taxes on the wealthy should be lowered further from their historic lows, and that entitlement programs such as social security and medicare are too expensive to sustain (and in any case, immoral). The latest attempts to delegitimize public employee unions are the logical next step in what genuinely appears to be the systematic dismantlement of the middle class. This blog will highlight some of the more extreme examples of this activity that may not always show up in your news feeds.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Becoming Unpersons

Here's a very nice, in-depth article from Dan Froomkin on the great uncovered story of the 2012 election cycle:  the complete disconnect from truth by the GOP.  In it, he quotes extensively from Norman Ornstein and Thomas Mann, who published a book earlier this year (It's Even Worse Than It Looks:  How the American Constitutional System Collided with the Politics of Extremism) that delved extensively into this issue.  As a result, these two centrist Beltway insiders have been completely shunned by the establishment media, whose mindless and gutless aversion to doing anything beyond "both sides do it" prevents them from giving air time/column inches to anyone who actually describes what's going on with the Republican party's anti-truth jihad.

Balloon Juice has a much-used tag, "Our Failed Media Experiment," and if ever there was a perfect example this is it.

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